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As a part of our custom wheel and tire services, we offer total wheel and tire installation. When you bring your vehicle to one of our five auto shops, you are in good hands. While changing the wheel yourself is doable, mounting a tire on a rim and balancing the wheels properly can be difficult, so why not let us do the work? We have industry specialized tools and an experienced team of mechanics to apply just the right pressure to mount a tire onto a wheel. The wheel refers to the innermost part, the metal circle which is bolted to your vehicle and the tire is what is wrapped to the outside of the wheel’s rim.


Proper tire maintenance is key to the longevity of your vehicle. At StreetKing we provide basic tire services such as tire rotation and adjustment. Rotating your tires is the process of moving your wheels and tires from one position to another to ensure even wear and tear. This could simply be changing their position from front to back and/or side to side. We recommend a tire rotation every 4-6k miles or about every time you go for an oil change. Why do we suggest this? Regular tire rotation can offer balanced handling and help maintain steady traction. Secondly, many tire manufacturers require you to keep your tire rotations frequent to maintain warranty eligibility. And third, as we mentioned, it helps even out the natural wear and tear of your tires over time. StreetKing offers high-quality maintenance so you can preserve the life of your tires and the safety of yourself and your passengers.


There are several errors that can occur when mounting and balancing your tires. That is why we offer these professional services to you, using industry standard tools and equipment and a highly trained team of car mechanics. We check for several things here: both tire beads are securely mounted, the wheel is not damaged or bent, and there is no dirt or debris around the wheel, and the lugs have been properly torqued. When balancing your tires we ensure the center of gravity is in the same location as the center of rotation. Improperly balanced tires can greatly affect your driving abilities, safety and the lifespan of your rims and tires. If you noticed that at higher speeds of 45-50 mph your vehicle is vibrating, it is likely your tires are off balance. If this is the case, stop by one of our locations as soon as possible or give us a call and explain your situation- we’re here to help!


Don’t beat yourself up if you have damaged your tires many times throughout your driving career- this is one of the top services we provide to your customers. If it is a nail, tear or gash in your tire, we can offer several options to repair your tire and get you back on the road. We believe in fixing the root of any auto problem, whether a plug or patch or perhaps new tires, we offer an honest and reasonable assessment so you can make the best decision in your time frame and price range. If you notice any of your tires are deflating, it’s important to tend to it immediately. If a tire continually loses inflation pressure, it may be relying on the others to carry the load which can wear down and applies too much pressure for the other wheels and tires. Call us today if you think there may be a problem with your tire(s).


Although not as popularized at suspension kits, leveling kits are critical for vehicle performance. Imagine you are hanging a finished piece of art on the wall and when you take a step back, it is slightly hanging to one side. This is where leveling kits come in to save the day. It’s important to let a professional manage and implement your leveling kit, as there are various types and applications for truck leveling kits. Some of the types include strut extensions, torsion keys, coil spacers, and block kits. At StreetKing, we will appropriately size the right kit for your vehicle and run you through the installment from start to finish.