Summer Heat Drastically Affects Your Vehicle's Tires

During the hot summer your tire pressure increases due to heat and humidity. This excess heat and moisture can cause tires to swell. High temperatures cause the air molecules inside your tires to vibrate and push against the walls of the tires, causing them to expand. Heat is also a contributing factor to dry rot. With increased heat and friction between your tires and the asphalt, it's no wonder tire blowouts typically increase during the summer time. 

Protection and prevention are key to avoiding any untimely incidents while driving during the summer. Apart from being an attentive and cautious driver, you should frequently inspect your tires, and YOU SHOULD NEVER DRIVE ON BALD, BLISTERED, OR EGGED TIRES! Tires that are lacking tread are more vulnerable to punctures and blowouts already, but they also require more force and friction to brake successfully. 

StreetKing Tire Services

Through our Club Program, we offer free tire inspections, flat repair, sensor programming, rotation and balance. Let us inspect your vehicle's tires today to ensure you and your family are safe during this summer heat, and if you do need new tires, we can get you started today for as little as $25 down and $25 a week on a brand new set of tires. 

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