Looking to add some new rims to your vehicle but just can't decide on the brand here are some reasons why the visualizer will make your life easier in your next purchase

  1. Choose your vehicle: You are able to choose your vehicle based on year, make, model, etc. It doesn't just show on one car you can pick YOUR car. When deciding on the rims and getting them installed you are able to see a true preview of your car on the visualizer. 
  2. Brands of Rims: Unsure of what brands will look nice on your car, don't worry you are able to select the size of the wheel, the brand, and the color all in one place. You can decide which wheel looks the best on your car. If you don't know brands that well you can just save that image to your phone when you are browsing and bring it to the shop. The brands listed in the visualizer are the brands that we carry. Look through the styles and see what your favorite is. 
  3. Request a Quote: You've decided on which style you'd like, just click the request a quote button based on the visualizer. If you'd prefer just to contact us, click here.  If you still have questions we have awesome techs who would love to answer the questions for you. 

If you want to see the rims on our customs cars just check out the gallery. We are continuously updating it every month from our awesome customers. We look forward to working with you. 

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